DETECTED : customer body data changes the concept of "the fit"

Ever returned something you ordered online, because it didn't fit your body? Get in line with millions of others (including yours truly). Technology is changing the Fitting game offering 4 benefits

OK. One of the issues of today’s fashion system that really ruffles my feathers is hands down the always-being-on-a-treasury-hunt to find the perfect size among various brands. It’s not me, it’s the sizing system that every brand has “invented”. Ergo, it’s not you, you’re perfect as you are! There is a clear lack of coherence in sizing, which I guess is typical for brands not sharing information with each other regarding standards. Who are they serving? I guess not the customer first…

On a positive note, technology is here to save the day ! (Cue: Loud applause and an audience happily cheering Yaaaay).

How does the always magical-day-saving-buzzword-combo of TECHNOLOGY and DATA save the day? I’m glad you asked !!

Imagine your current online shopping experience. You find a brand, check the size, trust your gut that that’s your size, order it, try it on, and then….. MISFIT. Ouch. Headache. Sent back. Worry about carbon footprint. Worry about what happens with clothes we return (burning is cheaper than reselling…listen up regulators ).

Now imagine your (near) future online shopping experience. You get a 3D body scan within seconds (hello my avatar). You share your measurements with a brand. They match those measurements with the measurements of brands. Et voilá, pick your match.

The benefits of “fit technology” go beyond the customer. For brands the benefits are:

  • improved garment design process

  • targeted marketing (yo, careful with greenwashing though!)

  • power innovative brand experiences (like a Virtual Try-on)

Okay CFD, so how do I put this into practice?

Again, thanks for asking, I have the answer!

Allow me to introduce you to a few companies that are already making this happen for brands and shoppers worldwide.

  1. Bold Metrics


  3. Zeekit (recently acquired by Walmart; used by ASOS)

  4. Fision / Meepl (joined forces with Zalando)


Now, I have a special treat, for those who are on Clubhouse. Tomorrow at 8:30 pm CEST I am interviewing Bold Metrics’ VP of Product & Strategy, Jeff Mergy about the company and his vision on the future of retail. You can send me your questions via a DM on Instagram @circularfashiondetective . Find the CIRCULAR FASHION CLUB on Clubhouse for more details. You can find me there too @circularfashion

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I wish you a fantastic new week ahead ! If you’ve read about the IPCC report stating harsh facts about the planet, I get that this may increase eco-anxiety. I hope that, just like me, you will remain optimistic about our future. We have to put in the work, and better choices start with better information. I hope to have humbly contributed to that a bit.

That’s all. [Miranda - The Devil wears Prada]

With the warmest regards,

The Circular Fashion Detective

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